Merchant statements are notoriously confusing.

There are actually several ways in which processors can charge their fees. We understand this and to better explain how JLE makes a difference we will perform, at no cost you to you, a detailed statement analysis that outlines every last line item that you are currently paying as well as our proposal side by side.

Credit card processing is not just about rate structure. When applied properly, the right solution can save you money AND time!

In merchant services one size does not fit all.

Rate is important, but so is security and ease of use. If your business never swipes a card, then having a physical terminal is a waste of resources.

Once we customize a solution that saves money and increases efficiency, we install any hardware or software on site.

Your time is valuable and doesn’t need to be spent setting up and programming anything. Let us handle that while you focus on your customers.

We are at your service 24/7 and are always able to make changes to your evolving needs.

As your business develops new needs, and as new technology comes about to further save you time, be assured that we will be here to alert you.

Our relationship doesn’t end once your solution is installed. We consider it just the beginning!